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GW2: AllDatAngst.4208 (Henge of Denravi)



*tips circle tower* m’ages

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"Anora of Ferelden is a solitary rose among brambles"

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More Dragon Age. Someday I will figure out the trick to Tumblr not making my nice clean lines look like fuzzy crap.

Aveline. <3

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You know that post going around with the Tranformers and the funny faces,

yeah I wanted some

caps by cass-shepard and libbabink

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Armoured Bears in Glasses ft. Rexar Doomsurge & Ulrik Wolfmane

In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

Make me choose asked : leliana, morrigan, or wynne?

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Apologies for the absence! Life has been incredibly busy but I got to play a little Dragon Age: Origins and DA2. Haven’t finished either yet, though. Fenris is not a slave.

I’ll going to Sakuracon this weekend with tracynoodle!
Find us in the Artist Alley at Table 507.

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What is this place?

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anon asked: dragon age origins or dragon age 2
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Tallis - Dragon Age Redemption/Dragon Age II Mark of the Assassin

Assassins: anyone can kill for money, but those who follow the Antivan traditions know how to do it with style. While every assassin is different, some favouring up close and personal kills and others striking at range, they are all deadly predators and skilled and exploiting their foe’s weaknesses.

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